Selecting an Ideal Site for a Bowling Alley

There are several considerations that you need to make, while selecting an ideal site for a bowling alley.


Firstly, the site needs to be one that is conveniently accessible. The most ideal site in this regard would be one that is well served by the local public transport network. If, for instance, you can get a site near the local metro station or near a bus stop, that will be ideal. Remember, bowling is a recreational activity, and people may not be ready to walk long distances to get to a bowling site. Keep the average bowling enthusiast in mind. He could be, for instance, a fellow who works in the local PepsiCo bottling plant. He is, therefore, only able to take part in bowling when his Mypepsico schedule allows him to do so. This means that he is likely to have just a few minutes, after work, to take part in bowling. If he wants to devote a whole day to bowling, he would have to visit the PepsiCo employees’ portal, at, and ask for time off – yet it sounds absurd to ask for time off to bowl! Thus folks are only likely to visit your bowling alley if it is conveniently accessible.


Secondly, the site needs to be in a secure place. Remember, most of the bowling enthusiasts are middle class folks, who are very mindful of their security.


Thirdly, the site needs to be attractive to the targeted players. Again, remember that most of the bowling enthusiasts are middle class folks, who are always keen to avoid dingy/seedy locations. So you have to select a location that suits them.


Fourthly, the site needs to be affordable. You see, chances are that you will have to pay for the space where your bowling alleys are to be located. It makes sense to ensure that the charges aren’t too high – otherwise the business won’t make sense.

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