How to Rescue a Failing Bowling Club

Occasionally, one is called upon to rescue a failing bowling club. That can be a difficult assignment, but one that has to be tackled all the same. Truth be told, majority of the bowling clubs are bound to experience difficulties at some point. Some end up in such bad conditions that they have to be rescued. It is therefore important to always have people who know how to execute such rescue missions properly – knowing that, soon or later, we are bound to have bowling clubs that need to be rescued.

There are two key steps that need to be followed, while trying to rescued a failing bowling club.

Diagnosing the underlying problem(s)

In the first step, you identify the specific reasons as to why the bowling club is failing. Some bowling clubs fail due to poor leadership. Others fail due to lack of finances. Others still fail due to lack of interested members… The most important thing, at this stage, is simply to diagnose the problem. You won’t be able to treat the problem, unless you diagnose it properly in the first instance.

You need to first look at the superficial issues that are ailing the bowling club you are trying to rescue. Then you need to sink deeper, and try to identify the ‘underlying issues’. Sometimes, the superficial issue is lack of finances. But if you dig deeper, you realize that the underlying issue is poor leadership (which is, in turn, leading to poor financial management).

Resolving the issues

Having identified the underlying issues,  in the second step, you come up with solutions. If, for instance, it is a matter of finances, you can come up with better fundraising strategies. To that end, you may decide, for instance, to use web-based fundraising platforms. This would make sense, especially if majority of the targeted contributors are folks who receive their money online: like, for instance, the Lowe’s employees who receive their pay through the Lowe’s HR portal at  On the other hand, if the problem is leadership, you can organize for the current (presumably incompetent) leadership to be ousted, and replaced with competent folks. As long as you got the diagnosis right, you will not have a very difficult time solving the issue.

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