How to Recruit Members for a Bowling Club

Having set up a new bowling club, one of the challenges you will have to deal with is that of recruiting members. You can’t claim to have a bowling club if you have no members. It is from the members that you are expected to get players. It is also from the members that you are expected to get the money necessary to keep the club running. So the question that is bound to come up is as to what specific steps you need to follow, when recruiting members for a bowling club. And that is where we come to learn that recruiting members for a bowling club may entail:

  1. Putting out adverts, inviting people to become members: this is where you may start by buying advertising space in the local media. Then you can proceed to create adverts, telling people that you have a new bowling club, and you are inviting people who are interested to become members. This can be a very effective way to get members for the bowling club: especially if the publications you run the ads on are popular (with huge readerships).  You can also use online advertising, to invite people to become members of your new bowling club. This way, for instance, a person who was going online to check his pay info on the Securitas Epay portal may get to see the ad. He may have decided to browse around the local sites, before proceeding to the paperlesspaytalx login page. In the process of browsing around the local sites, he may happen to come across your ad, whereupon he may be inclined to apply for membership.
  2. Holding public events, and using them to recruit members: this is where you can hold public bowling events (for instance, bowling tournaments, to which you invite all interested people to watch for free). In the process, some people may develop an interest in bowling. You can then proceed to enlist such people as members of your bowling club.
  3. Using personal networks to recruit members: this is where you simply tell people in your personal network (your friends, your relatives, your acquaintances, your workmates, people you do business with… and so on) to consider joining your bowling club. If you can get them to understand the joys of bowling, there is a possibility that a good number of them will sign up to be members of your bowling club. They can in turn invite others members of their personal networks to become members as well – ultimately leading to an exponential growth in the club’s membership.

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