How to Popularize a Bowling Club

Having managed to set up a bowling club, the next challenge will be that of popularizing it. It is possible to end up with a bowling club that nobody knows about! To avoid ending up in that predicament, it becomes necessary to take some deliberate steps to popularize your new bowling club. You do this knowing that a popular (well known) bowling club is likely to be more successful than one that is not popular/one that is unknown. A popular bowling club is, for instance, more likely to attract corporate sponsorship than one that is unknown. Further, a popular bowling club is likely to attract more members than one that is unknown. Given these facts, then, the question that arises is as to how exactly you can go about popularizing a bowling club.

Holding public events

One way to popularize a bowling club is by holding public events. You can, for instance, hold bowling tournaments, to which you invite the members of the public. That way, the members of the public get to know more about bowling as a sport, and about your bowling club as well. With time, your bowling club becomes popular this way.

Getting media coverage

Another way to popularize a bowling club is by getting media coverage for its activities. If, for instance, the bowling club is holding its annual elections, you can get the local media to cover the elections. Or if the bowling club is having a tournament, you can get the local media to cover it. Remember, the objective is simply to get more people to know about the bowling club. From experience, I know that if you can partner with the local corporate entities in the bowling club’s activities, you will have an easier time getting media coverage. Let’s say, for instance, that you partner with the local First Premier Bank branch in a bowling tournament. In that case you can almost be assured of having the tournament highlighted on the institution’s website at And once the tournament is highlighted there, you can be assured that the local media will pick it up and highlight it in their publications: giving you the publicity you need for your bowling club.

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