How to Organize a Bowling Tournament

Having established a bowling club, you will probably find yourself having to organize bowling tournaments from time to time.  And as you will come to learn, there are certain steps you need to follow, while organizing the bowling tournaments.

Firstly, while organizing a bowling tournament, you have to make decisions as to when exactly the tournament is to be held, where it is to be held, and who the participants in the tournament are to be. These should not be random decisions. They should be well thought-out decisions. Like in deciding when the tournament is to be held, you have to consider the participants’ convenience. Like let’s assume, for instance, that majority of the players in your bowling team are UPS workers — who regularly have to go through UPSers registration. In that case, you’d be advised to request them to (first) visit the UPS staff website, at, to check their work schedules. Then you’d have to schedule the tournament on a date (and at a time) when most of the players are likely to be off-duty. Similarly, in choosing a venue, you need to select one that is convenient to most of the participants.

Having made decisions on when the tournament is to be held, who the participants are to be, and where the tournament is to be held, the next step would be to talk to the targeted participants. The objective would be to get to know whether they would be interested in participating in the tournament.

Then you can proceed to book the venue where the tournament is to be held.

And after booking the venue where the tournament is to be held, you can proceed to publicize the tournament. The goal here would be to ensure that the tournament is well attended.

On the day preceding the tournament, you can do ‘final touches’ by way of calling the participants and confirming attendance. You’d also need to check the venue, to be sure that everything is ready for the big day: the bowling tournament day.

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