Displaying Banner Ads at a Bowling Alley

One of the ways in which you can make money from a bowling alley is by allowing businesses to display banner ads there. This is a deal where you would have the businesses displaying their banner ads at the bowling alley pay for the favor. If yours is a reasonably popular bowling alley (one that attracts sizeable crowds), you could end up with a situation where advertisers are ready to pay considerable sums of money to have their banners displayed there.

You have to understand that all the advertisers care about are ‘eye balls’. As such, they don’t usually pay much attention to whether the banner ads are displayed on road junctions, social halls, roadside fences or bowling alleys… as long as they reach the targeted ‘eye balls’.  But venues like bowling alleys are particularly attractive, because these are places where people stay for long durations of time. They are unlike roadside banner ad display locations that people just pass by. A bowling alley is a place where a person stays long enough to see even the most obscure banner ad. Take, for instance, a situation where you get a client to display a banner ad inviting people to respond to capital one mail offer. By the time a bowling tournament is offer, everyone in the bowling alley is likely to have noticed the ad – which is exactly what the advertiser wants.

Over time, you could end up making much more money from the banner ads than what you get from the people who pay to play/watch bowling matches there. So it is not something to be taken lightly. We are living in a world where advertisers are ready to spend fortunes, to reach new markets. Just as you have some websites that make most of their money from ad revenue, so can you end up making quite a bit of money from banner ads displayed at your bowling alley.

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