Displaying Banner Ads at a Bowling Alley

One of the ways in which you can make money from a bowling alley is by allowing businesses to display banner ads there. This is a deal where you would have the businesses displaying their banner ads at the bowling alley pay for the favor. If yours is a reasonably popular bowling alley (one that attracts sizeable crowds), you could end up with a situation where advertisers are ready to pay considerable sums of money to have their banners displayed there.

You have to understand that all the advertisers care about are ‘eye balls’. As such, they don’t usually pay much attention to whether the banner ads are displayed on road junctions, social halls, roadside fences or bowling alleys… as long as they reach the targeted ‘eye balls’.  But venues like bowling alleys are particularly attractive, because these are places where people stay for long durations of time. They are unlike roadside banner ad display locations that people just pass by. A bowling alley is a place where a person stays long enough to see even the most obscure banner ad. Take, for instance, a situation where you get a client to display a banner ad inviting people to respond to capital one mail offer. By the time a bowling tournament is offer, everyone in the bowling alley is likely to have noticed the ad – which is exactly what the advertiser wants.

Over time, you could end up making much more money from the banner ads than what you get from the people who pay to play/watch bowling matches there. So it is not something to be taken lightly. We are living in a world where advertisers are ready to spend fortunes, to reach new markets. Just as you have some websites that make most of their money from ad revenue, so can you end up making quite a bit of money from banner ads displayed at your bowling alley.

Getting the Media to Cover Your Bowling Tournament

If you are organizing a major bowling tournament, it would be a good idea to get the media to cover it. This would, at the very least, serve to raise the profile of the tournament. It would also help you in getting more people to know about your bowling alley (the one where the tournament would be held). And if you can get some good media coverage before the actual tournament, it would serve to draw more people to the event.

You see, people tend to take events that are covered by mainstream media very seriously. For instance, you may have someone who works at the local CVS Health office, and who doesn’t usually care about bowling tournaments. But if he learns, from a national TV channel, that there is an upcoming major tournament in the local bowling alley, he may be inclined to take interest in it: even if, in normal circumstances, he wouldn’t give a bowling tournament a second thought. You may actually find her going to the myhr cvs login page, signing in to his account there, and checking through her schedule to see if she would be off duty on the day of the tournament – so as to attend it.

So it is clear that getting the media to cover your bowling tournament can give you many benefits. The question that arises is as to how exactly you can get the media to do so.

The best thing to do, if you want the media to cover your bowling tournament, is simply to invite local journalists to the event. This can be just a matter of calling the local journalists, telling them about the upcoming bowling tournament, and inviting them to cover it. Or you can send a ‘press release’ to the local media stations, informing them about the upcoming bowling tournament, and inviting them to cover it. There are other cases where you may need to contact local media ‘fixers’, pay them, and request them to organize coverage for your bowling tournament.

Of course, having gotten media coverage for the bowling tournament, you better be sure that it lives up to the expectations. It would be unfair to get national media coverage, only to deliver a totally underwhelming event.

Getting Time to Bowl

Many people say that they love bowling, but they simply can’t find time to do it. This is understandable, especially in today’s world where people’s lives are becoming ever more busy. With many people having to hold down two or even three jobs just to get by, it can indeed be very hard to find enough time for activities like bowling. And even when one does find some free time to relax, there are too many recreational activities competing for that little free time. You find that one has soccer games to watch, movies to go to, basketball games to take part in… and so on. And if you have just completed the fxnetworks activate process, you’d also be raring to watch the FX Networks series – and this too can only be done during the free time…

How then, does one get time to bowl?

Well, in order to get time to bowl, you have to forego something else. You can forego a passive recreational activity (like, say, watching a movie on TV), and opt to spend the time bowling. That would certainly be a healthier way to spend your time.

If you are holding two jobs, you can opt to spend the time between shifts bowling. Like if, for instance, the first job ends at 4 pm and the second job starts at 6 pm, you can opt to spend the time in between bowling. This would also be an ideal way to switch gears, as you move from the first job to the second on a daily basis.

Weekends and evenings are ideal times to engage in bowling. Rather than spending the entire weekend lazing around the house or drinking beer with buddies, you can opt to spend that time bowling. The same applies with evenings: where, rather than spending the entire evening watching TV mindlessly, you can opt to spend the time bowling.

All said and done, the most important point to take home here is that you will have to forego something else, in order to find enough time for bowling.

How to Invite People to a Bowling Tournament

The success of a bowling tournaments depends, to a certain extent, on the number of people who actually take part in it. Therefore, if you are organizing a bowling tournament, you need to take the matter of inviting participants seriously. You need to ensure that you invite the participants in a manner that increases the chances of them actually showing up. And it is not just the people who will be playing in the tournament that you should focus on. You also need to focus on getting a good number of fans/spectators to show up.

Some of the specific ways in which you can invite people to a bowling tournament include:

  1. By publicizing the event online
  2. By publicizing the tournament on local media
  3. By going round with a public address system, inviting people to the tournament

Of course, when it comes to the people who will actually be playing in the tournament, you may need to consider approaching them individually, and inviting them to take part. After all (ordinarily), someone wont just show up to play at a tournament he just heard being announced on a public address system mounted on a pick-up truck! The players often have to invited personally. So you can visit the local bowling enthusiasts, and try to convince them to take part in the upcoming tournament. Or you can call the local bowling enthusiasts on phone, and try to get them to agree to be part of the upcoming tournament.

Using the phone to invite people to the tournament can, admittedly, be quite costly in terms of the bills. Like if, for instance, you are on the Metro PCS network, you would have to be ready to make a metro pcs payment after having used your phone to invite people to the tournament. Yet, at least to me personally, the idea of having to pay my metropcs bill at a higher rate sounds better than having to visit all the targeted people in person (at their homes and offices) and trying to get them to attend the tournament. In any event, your effort won’t have been in vain: for beyond the tournament, you will in the process also get more people to be visiting your bowling alley thereafter.

Securing Your Bowling Alley

People will be more likely to visit your bowling alley if they feel safe there. It is therefore very critical to ensure that you put in place proper security at your bowling alley. With proper security arrangements in place, you won’t have to worry about the wellbeing of the people who will be coming to bowl at your alley. Neither will you have to worry about the equipment — which, by the way, you are likely to have spent quite a bit of money on.

You will need to undertake a security assessment, in order to identify the specific security measures to put in place at your bowling alley. Much depends, for instance, on the location of the alley. If it is in a ‘tough’ neighborhood, you will probably have to put in place more stringent security measures than would have been necessary if the alley was in one of the so-called ‘good’ neighborhoods.

Of course, you have to ensure that you don’t spend too much money in trying to secure the bowling alley. Otherwise you will have a difficult time recouping your investment. Chances are that the people who will be coming to bowl at the alley will have modest amounts of money to spend. The average bowler may, for instance, be someone working as a clerk at the nearby Darden restaurant. After spending an entire afternoon trying to figure out how to login to krowd portal, he may decide to come to the bowling alley for a game, in order to relax. This would probably be after finally managing to go past the krowd sign in page, and finding that his paycheck has already been credited to his account. Yet, even in these circumstances, he would probably only be willing to spend a few bucks in paying for the bowling game. Therefore if you spend too much money in securing your bowling alley, and these are the types of clients you are expecting, you won’t be in a position to recoup the investment.

In practical terms, while securing your bowling alley, you can consider:

  1. Fencing the alley and installing a strong gate
  2. Putting an alarm system in place
  3. Employing a guard
  4. Installing a CCTV system

How to Get People to Visit Your Bowling Alley

Having established a new bowling alley, one of the immediate challenges you are likely to face is that of getting people to visit it. It is easy for you to end up with a very nice bowling alley, which nonetheless goes to waste because there are no people to bowl there. You therefore need to be ready to put in a lot of effort into getting people to visit your bowling alley. Look at it this way: establishing the bowling alley is just half the equation – the other (equally critical) half is that of getting people to actually start playing at the alley.

It is important to understand that for most people, bowling is a leisure activity they engage in only when they have nothing else to do. But there are also some individuals for whom bowling is a big deal. For instance, there are retirees whose entire days are filled with bowling. Accordingly, someone who was working at, say, the USPS, may visit the agency’s HR portal, only to discover that their liteblue usps retirement date is fast approaching. At the practical level, this would be a question of the said person going to the liteblue login page, signing in there, and then browsing to the ‘retirement’ section – only to discover that their retirement date is actually fast approaching. The person may then be inclined to start thinking of activities they can use to fill their days, once they retire. And that is where the idea of bowling on a full-time basis may come up. So these are the sorts of people you should be targeting, while trying to get people to visit your bowling alley.

Ultimately, to get people to visit your bowling alley, you will need to:

  1. Advertise in the local media, to get people to know that there is a newly-established bowling alley at such and such a location.
  2. Put up prominent signage, indicating the location of the bowling alley (and inviting people to pop in).
  3. Network with people who are likely to be interested in bowling, and personally invite them to bowl at your alley.

Selecting an Ideal Site for a Bowling Alley

There are several considerations that you need to make, while selecting an ideal site for a bowling alley.


Firstly, the site needs to be one that is conveniently accessible. The most ideal site in this regard would be one that is well served by the local public transport network. If, for instance, you can get a site near the local metro station or near a bus stop, that will be ideal. Remember, bowling is a recreational activity, and people may not be ready to walk long distances to get to a bowling site. Keep the average bowling enthusiast in mind. He could be, for instance, a fellow who works in the local PepsiCo bottling plant. He is, therefore, only able to take part in bowling when his Mypepsico schedule allows him to do so. This means that he is likely to have just a few minutes, after work, to take part in bowling. If he wants to devote a whole day to bowling, he would have to visit the PepsiCo employees’ portal, at www.mypepsico.com, and ask for time off – yet it sounds absurd to ask for time off to bowl! Thus folks are only likely to visit your bowling alley if it is conveniently accessible.


Secondly, the site needs to be in a secure place. Remember, most of the bowling enthusiasts are middle class folks, who are very mindful of their security.


Thirdly, the site needs to be attractive to the targeted players. Again, remember that most of the bowling enthusiasts are middle class folks, who are always keen to avoid dingy/seedy locations. So you have to select a location that suits them.


Fourthly, the site needs to be affordable. You see, chances are that you will have to pay for the space where your bowling alleys are to be located. It makes sense to ensure that the charges aren’t too high – otherwise the business won’t make sense.

Why Bowling is the Perfect Sport

I often get assigned the task of recruiting new members for our bowling club. And there is one question that tends to come up, whenever I make a pitch to a prospective member. That is the question as to why they should take up bowling (and not one of the other numerous sports). In answering this question, I usually give a brief speech on why bowling is the perfect sport. And for today’s article, I decided to highlight some of the main points in that speech: that is, some of the key reasons as to why bowling is the perfect sport:

Bowling doesn’t have too many rules

Most of the other sports tend to have many, stifling rules. Sometimes, one gets the impression that the many rules end up sapping the fun out of those other sports. But bowling has just a couple or so rules. It doesn’t require military-standard discipline (why, you could even eat and drink while bowling!). The upshot is that bowling is a simple sport, one that is easy to understand and play. And there aren’t many controversies in bowling games – thanks to the clarity, simplicity and straightforwardness of the rules.

Bowling doesn’t sap too much energy

Most of the other sports are rather energy consuming. Bowling, on the other hand, is the sort of sport you can take part in even when you are tired, as a way to relax. This is because it is not very demanding, at a physical level.

Bowling doesn’t require a fixed number of players

Most of the other sports require a fixed number of players — and you can’t form a team and start playing unless you get that number of players. With bowling, it is different. There is flexibility. You can play as two people. You can also play as a dozen people. Such flexibility is truly amazing.

Bowling doesn’t require lots of equipment

Most of the alleys where bowling is done tend to have all the equipment you need. Therefore, all you have to do is show up, and start taking part in a game. And you aren’t required to pay lots of money to take part in bowling games. Even if all you have is a small balance in a gift card, it will probably still be enough to pay for a bowling game. With a gift card (as alluded above), you can go to, say, the mygiftcardsite login page, sign in — and proceed to check the balance. Then, as per the information in the Mygiftcardsite guide, you can use the funds to pay for anything – including bowling games. The nice thing here is the fact that even with 10 or 20 bucks, you may be in a position to still enjoy a bowling game in most of the alleys where the game is played.

How to Acquire Bowling Equipment

After managing to set up a bowling club, you will need to acquire bowling equipment. Only then can you actually start to bowl. In fact, in some cases, people have to acquire the bowling equipment first, before setting up bowling clubs. But even if you manage to recruit members, acquire premises and do all other things, you will eventually have to acquire the bowling equipment, in order to have an active bowling club. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the options available to you, when it comes to acquiring bowling equipment.

Getting the members to come with their own equipment

One option that is open, when it comes to acquiring bowling equipment, is that of getting the members to come with their own equipment. If the members are people who have already been bowling for some, there is a good possibility that they will already have their own bowling equipment, which they can come with.

Buying brand new bowling equipment

Another option is that of buying brand new bowling equipment. There are stores that specialize in the sale of bowling (and other sporting) equipment, and you can engage one such store to supply you with the bowling equipment you need.

Buying used bowling equipment

If you don’t have enough money to buy brand new bowling equipment, you can opt for second hand equipment. Second hand bowling equipment is usually very cheap. As an average employee, you may be able to afford such equipment without breaking a sweat. If, for instance, you work for a company like Nordstrom, you may go to the Mynordstrom login page, sign in, and proceed to check your paystubs. After managing to go through the Mynordstromsign in page, and checking your paystubs, you will probably realize that your paychecks are huge enough to allow you to buy used bowling equipment without breaking a sweat…

Buying bowling equipment locally

You may be able to buy bowling equipment that has been made locally – and this is yet another option available to you. You may actually get a local manufacture to make the bowling equipment you need on order.

Importing the bowling equipment

If you can’t find the bowling equipment you need in your local market, another option may be that of importing it. Importation isn’t as hard as it looks. As long as you have enough money, you can easily find people to help you with all the logistics.

Buying bowling equipment online

One option that is increasingly popular with people who are seeking to buy bowling equipment is that of procuring the equipment online. There are web-based stores that sell bowling equipment, and they tend to be much cheaper (and more convenient to buy from) than the brick and mortar stores.

How to Rescue a Failing Bowling Club

Occasionally, one is called upon to rescue a failing bowling club. That can be a difficult assignment, but one that has to be tackled all the same. Truth be told, majority of the bowling clubs are bound to experience difficulties at some point. Some end up in such bad conditions that they have to be rescued. It is therefore important to always have people who know how to execute such rescue missions properly – knowing that, soon or later, we are bound to have bowling clubs that need to be rescued.

There are two key steps that need to be followed, while trying to rescued a failing bowling club.

Diagnosing the underlying problem(s)

In the first step, you identify the specific reasons as to why the bowling club is failing. Some bowling clubs fail due to poor leadership. Others fail due to lack of finances. Others still fail due to lack of interested members… The most important thing, at this stage, is simply to diagnose the problem. You won’t be able to treat the problem, unless you diagnose it properly in the first instance.

You need to first look at the superficial issues that are ailing the bowling club you are trying to rescue. Then you need to sink deeper, and try to identify the ‘underlying issues’. Sometimes, the superficial issue is lack of finances. But if you dig deeper, you realize that the underlying issue is poor leadership (which is, in turn, leading to poor financial management).

Resolving the issues

Having identified the underlying issues,  in the second step, you come up with solutions. If, for instance, it is a matter of finances, you can come up with better fundraising strategies. To that end, you may decide, for instance, to use web-based fundraising platforms. This would make sense, especially if majority of the targeted contributors are folks who receive their money online: like, for instance, the Lowe’s employees who receive their pay through the Lowe’s HR portal at myloweslife.com.  On the other hand, if the problem is leadership, you can organize for the current (presumably incompetent) leadership to be ousted, and replaced with competent folks. As long as you got the diagnosis right, you will not have a very difficult time solving the issue.